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My name is Omer Erlich, I got into visual effects trow the fine art world. 

During my first degree in fine art and digital media, I studied a variety of visual effects software like After effects, 3Ds max, Photoshop, Premier and more...


After the study, I started to work in architecture simulation and simulation of shows stages. In 2014 I studied 3D character animation for 1 year.

At the same time, I taught 3Ds max and after effect at John Bryce Training center.

In 2015 I moved to Canda and started to study at Think Tank Training Center.

After finishing college I started to work at Scanline VFX studio as CG generalist on the movies: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, Justice league, Power rangers, Tomb raider, and Black panther. Today I work at MD Simulation studio and teach 3Ds max at Arttech college in Israel.

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